Copper Farmhouse

Copper Farmhouse, Kerry’s own home, was constructed in 2018. This solar net-zero home was custom built, on a budget, to serve the home and business of KLLA. A studio over the garage creates a healthy separation between work/life. The main living space of the house overlooks the bluestone terrace which is sited on the south side of the house for maximum solar exposure.

The terrace was constructed in 2019 although the base preparation was done while the house was under construction the prior year. Kerry prepared a master plan for the property while designing the house. Although the terrace could not be accommodated in the initial house budget, by installing the terrace base while heavy machinery was on site, it mitigated the need to tear up the new lawn the following year. The beauty of a master plan in action!

The bi-level terrace showcases two types of bluestone - a banded dimensional paver layout on the upper dining terrace and an irregular bluestone lower level to house the fire pit (a sculptural metal piece crafted by Kerry’s brother, Christopher Lewis).

The surrounding gardens are deer-tolerant, pollinator friendly and provide a riot of color throughout the seasons. A wildflower meadow between the home and the community drive creates a soft separation for the home and reduces the quantity of mowable turf. Over twenty new trees were planted with careful research done to assess their survivability in the heavy clay soils. Oak, birch and the native poplar serve to feed caterpillars which in turn feed the plethora of birds in the area. Native perennials and grasses complete the picturesque setting around the home, which sings with life throughout the season.

Architect: Mottram Architecture

Builder: Live Solar Maine

Stone masonry: Organic Innovations Landscaping

Photography: Michael D. Wilson