Lincoln Arts & Crafts

This landscape, was constructed on an undeveloped site of two and a half acres on a private way in Lincoln, MA. KLLA was contracted by the clients prior to the land purchase to assess the site's feasibility for an arts and crafts style, timber frame, home that could seamlessly connect to the native landscape. Kerry sited the new home, garage, barn and driveway to take maximum advantage of the site's opportunities, such as outcroppings of native ledge as well as mature stands of white pine, oak, native fern and lowbush blueberries. Masses of native grasses, sedges, forbs and wildflowers, including a custom designed meadow over the leaching field for the septic system, were planted to seamlessly connect the new house with the native landscape. A stunning mature Magnolia 'Jane' was planted at the front entry to play off the remarkable stained glass door featuring magnolia blossoms. The carefully chosen palette of nearly all New England native plant species is notable. So, too, is the small amount of traditional turf which was a specific request from the client and speaks to a new league of consumer - one who is desirous of reducing the need for mowing and chemical fertilizer applications to maintain sodded lawns.

Landscape Contractor: A. Bonadio & Sons

Photography: EDK Studio & Rosemary Fletcher Photography