Country Estate

This 1962 farmhouse was designed by Royal Barry Wills (a prominent Boston Architect). A new chipseal drive with a custom automatic entry gate welcomes guests. Cobble inlays, granite hitching posts and a brick parking area enliven the entry. In keeping with a traditional New England farmhouse, the front of the house has a simple brick walk and minimal foundation plantings. The back of the house stands in direct contrast to this simplicity. A series of garden rooms formed by terraced fieldstone walls wrap the back of the house, creating a diversity of spaces. The walls step down the hillside, allowing the garden to gracefully transition down the slope, grounding the house with the meadow below. A large entertainment terrace, a smaller grilling terrace with built-in grill, a granite paved herb garden and an intimate lower level containing a gunite spa provide a variety of experiences. The terrace paving is banded bluestone with a granite border. The connecting paths are irregular bluestone, providing a contrasting texture but similar color. The beds are chockfull of a dazzling array of perennials, roses and bulbs providing color and fragrance through the seasons. The second phase of the project was a greenhouse and cutting garden nestled next to an existing apple orchard. Beyond the orchard, a large existing barn was convertedĀ into guest quarters and a home office. Two mature sugar maples set the scene of a simple barnyard. Rustic stone farm walls were added to separate the grassed courtyard from the orchard beyond. Weathered granite paving provides a rustic walking surface. An antique horse trough, hand pump and custom designed urn were added to provide simple ornamentation for the space.

Landscape Contractor: Robert Hanss Landscape Construction

Stonework: Hayden Hillsgrove Stone Masonry