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West Newton Hill Victorian Newton, MA

This turn of the century home on West Newton Hill sits in the middle of a three-quarters of an acre lot. The ample front lawn is bisected by a wide, curving bluestone walk leading to the front steps and porch. The varied heights of the foundation plantings are intentional - plantings are kept low in front of the beautiful stone facade while taller plantings at the porches to bring the landscape up to the living space.

The rear yard provided several challenges. The clients desired a large lawn for soccer and active play for their four children. In order to fit an adequately sized terrace for entertaining within the long, narrow yard, the terrace was pushed towards the driveway with a large stone wall constructed off the side of the house to provide screening from the street. Since the finished floor of the home sits several feet above the finished grade, the terrace was raised several steps above the lawn. Now the porch feels more connected to the landscape by this intermediate level. Stone seat walls and graceful, curving steps border the terrace. The seat walls contain a raised garden bed filled with peonies, roses, perennials, clematis and a Stewartia tree which provides summer flowers and beautiful bark in the winter. A curved arbor, covered with pink 'New Dawn' roses in the summer and a fountain built into the stone wall complete the scene. The new raised terrace creates a great spot for an outdoor dinner party while the children play on the lawn below.

Front walk Arbor
Fountain Fountain
Terrace Terrace
Terrace Terrace