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Renovated Farmhouse Sherborn, MA

This renovated farmhouse and new barn provide the perfect backdrop for a creative landscape geared towards an active family. The front garden features several brick walks with patterned inlays, a peastone path along the side of the house (with plans for a future vegetable and cutting garden) and a chipseal drive with cobble aprons. The drive transitions to asphalt in front of the barn to allow for basketball and roller blading. A concrete paver parking area dresses up the drive adjacent to the farmer's porch.

The real fun is in the back garden where a circular bluestone terrace surrounds a raised stone fire pit. A custom bluestone band accentuates the circular space while stone walls offer opportunites for additional seating. Bluestone steps with fieldstone risers transition from the living room down to the terrace. Billowing perennials (Nepeta, Salvia, Geranium) soften the walls. An adjacent terrace provides space for a dining table and grill. The terrace provides the perfect vantage point to sit and watch the client's three children run and play on the ample lawn. The Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica) provides shade on the terrace as well as a lovely golden fall color.

Front Drive
Front walk Barn
Rear Terrace
Terrace + firepit Firepit