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Seaside Estate Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

This majestic new home was constructed on 17 acres of oceanfront property on the north shore of Massachusetts. We were involved from the inception of the project, working with the architect to site the home, new drive, pool and cabana. The terraces and gardens immediately surrounding the house are formal in nature and closely tied with the style of architecture. As one moves further from the home, a more rustic appeal was sought to blend in with the rugged site.

The entry drive begins at a custom automatic gate, travels through a pastoral meadow dotted with fruit trees, past an incredible copper beech (which was judiciously protected through the construction process) and terminates at a circular drive at the front of the house. The front walk is a patterned bluestone leading to limestone steps. Cut granite walls with limestone caps contain the bluestone terraces around the house. These walls form a perfect circle around the house, based on a dramatic circular staircase inside the entry hall. The bluestone for the terraces was hand-selected for a uniform greenish-blue hue. An fountain off the living room provides a wonderful focal point and directs one's eye to perennial beds at the edge of the lawn and the ocean beyond. These beds are filled with white, blue, purple and gray plants to remind one of the water and surf.

The walls leading from the house to the pool area are rougher in style (built of salvaged stone from the site) eventually surrounding the pool in a gentle arc which is echoed by the curved front of the pool cabana. A naturalistic swimming pool was carved out of existing ledge rock. Rough granite imported from Maine provides the perfect natural terrace to blend in with the existing ledge stone. Extensive plantings include a colorful array of summer-blooming perennials, ornamental grasses and vines to clamber over the weathered cedar fence.

Front Front walk
fountain curved steps
Rear wall Cabana
Pool Diving rock