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Queen Anne Victorian Newton, MA

An impeccably restored 1882 Queen Anne Victorian home combines the best of city convenience with country surroundings. The large city lot allows for three distinct garden rooms: the public front garden overlooked by a covered porch; the private brick courtyard between the house and carriage house; and the curving rear lawn surrounded by flowering trees, shrubs and perennials.

The front garden provides a welcome from the street. Brick walks lead to solid granite steps on the porch. Boxwood creates a clean line along the front porch while tulips and daylilies behind the hedge brighten the planting with color. A Camperdown Elm provides a whimsical accent at the street.

The area between the house and carriage house was originally paved over with asphalt. Since this is the only outdoor space immediately accessible to the newly renovated kitchen/family room, we sought to create a visibly pleasing entertainment area which preserved vehicle access to the garage. The circular brick terrace is a cleverly disguised driveway. A fence and gate separate the parking area from the new terrace and gardens. Matching 'Molten Lava' crabapples, white lilacs underplanted with perennials and a small herb garden enliven the terrace with color and fragrance. A small fountain on a raised bluestone terrace provides a pleasant backdrop of sound. The Kousa dogwood was transplanted from elsewhere on the site and has adjusted beautifully.

Finally, the rear yard is a complete escape from the city. Huge, existing spruce trees were enhanced with a myriad of additional trees - dawn redwoods, dogwoods, redbuds and a stunning Full Moon Maple (Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium') which surround the lawn and the perfectly round fieldstone terrace.

Front Courtyard
Back of house Carriage house
Fountain Raised terrace
Stone terrace Rear yard