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2006 Featured Project Newton, MA

A half acre lot surrounded by mature trees provides a serene setting for this new stone and shingle home. High stone walls, softened by a trio of Fastigiate European Hornbeams (Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata') screen the gravel parking court from the street. Granite capped stone walls contain raised garden beds full of textural evergreens and colorful perennials which soften the fieldstone facade.

Terracing in the rear yard creates four different levels, allowing the house to gracefully step down to the existing lawn grade. The great room doors lead to an intimate space containing a cafe table and chairs and a large a grilling area off to the side (and out of the view). This raised terrace echoes the shape of the dramatic gable end of the house. The large entertaining terrace, several steps down, provides plenty of space for a large dining table as well as chaise lounge chairs. A future stone and timber pergola is planned for the far end of the space. A chunky bluestone cap tops the fieldstone walls and visually connects with the bluestone paving. Trees, such as dogwoods, shadblow and a variety of conifers provide seasonal interest and additional screening. Several japanese maples provide beautiful foliage close to the terraces where their fine texture can be most appreciated.

Garage Drive entry
Front steps Upper terrace
Steps to lawn Fieldstone wall
Terrace View to backyard